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I'm a patron of Car Toys since 1996. I've had close to 8 systems installed by this team. In the past they definitely had some personnel issues but that has since been addressed. 

You will pay a premium and they will work with you on the price but keep in mind they are delivering a quality product and are around to make money to be able to stay in business. They are conducting installations that the average Joe is incapable of doing. That does come with a price just like a paint and body shop to paint a car. In both instances you get what you pay for. What you are paying for at Car Toys is the knowledge and expertise this team exemplifies in every installation. 

I don't believe you're going to find a more capable installer/fabricator than Frank. He can look at your vehicle and immediately inform you of the type of sub woofer box he could build that will get the results you're looking for. And even when you limit the amount of space he can utilize, he can still engineer a very functional solution. If you can dream it up, Frank can make it happen. 
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